Stere Stamule

Assistant Professor

Stere Stamule, PhD in Marketing, is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages, Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He is a lecturer of Introduction in Business Administration, European Business Environment, Quality and Innovation in Business and Economic Projects and Business Games (teaching in German and English). His current interests include consumer behavior with emphasis on consumer ethnocentrism, nudging techniques used in Behavioral Science and Policy and the role of entrepreneurship in stimulating economic growth in developed and developing countries.

Simona Goia

Associate Professor, ASE

PhD in Economics, specialization in Business Administration

Viorel Banta

Viorel Costin Banța has been Lecturer at Bucharest University of Economic Studies since 2021. He holds a PhD in engineering (2015) and a bachelor’s degree in Automation and Computers (2000) from Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics, currently pursuing a PhD in Accounting.