Maria Dărăbanț

Maria Dărăbanț


Maria DĂRĂBANȚ is a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bucharest.

Since 2000 she teaches business English at ASE. From the desire to improve her professional performance in a field that is increasingly becoming an interdisciplinary one, she has followed postgraduate economic studies, also within the ASE. Subsequently, these masters studies resulted in a specialized doctorate, completed in 2009. The subject chosen for the doctorate combines, by the nature of the studies and their content, the basic philological formation with the professional concerns specific to the economic studies, namely aspects of the economy of Great Britain, with the emphasis on the period managed by Margaret Thatcher as prime minister. Other professional concerns are in the field of communication, leadership and the concrete way in which students, both Romanian and foreign, perceive the Romanian academic educational process.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Communication in business (English language) 1 February 17, 2020
English Language 14 Weeks September 30, 2019