Daniela Staicu

Daniela Staicu

Ms. Daniela Staicu is Doctor in Business Administration, degree awarded by the Business Administration Doctoral School – Bucharest University of Economic Studies in 2019. Her research was focused on „MODELS OF SOCIAL BUSINESS IN THE ROMANIAN TEXTILE AND CLOTHING SECTOR AND BARRIERS IN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT”. Daniela is engaged as researcher in two Erasmus + programs related to rural social entrepreneurship „VISENET – VILLAGE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE LEARNING MATERIAL, GUIDANCE AND NETWORKING” and social entrepreneurship „Community Learning for Local Change”. Her research interests are related to social entrepreneurship, social business models, circular economy, circular business models, the textile and clothing sector, and rural entrepreneurship.

Daniela Staicu is associate professor at the Faculty of Business Administration and she teaches seminars for the disciplines “Social entrepreneurship” (French section) and “Business Negotiations” (English section).

Apart from her academic activity, Daniela co-runs a social business in clothing manufacturing and recycling “Atelier MERCI”. In 2018-2019, Daniela was awarded the Fulbright Student Award and was engaged in research at Penn State University, Pennsylvania, United States.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Business Negotiation 3 February 17, 2020
Business quality and innovation 3 September 30, 2019