You are about to become our student. Now it is time to lay back and enjoy your holidays. Still, there are some aspects you might want to consider.

At FABIZ we love to communicate. That is why there are several channels of communication we use:

You can also always reach Prof. Oana Stanila, FABIZ vice-dean for student relations. She is not only a professional  counselor but also a good friend. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) also provides student counseling at institutional level.

If you don’t live yet in Bucharest and are looking to find the ideal accommodation, you should also take a look at ASE’s student housing options: Complex Moxa, Complex Belvedere Nou, Tei C1, Complex Belvedere Vechi, Complex Agronomie, Căminul Occidentului, Căminul Vitan.

Living in dorms is probably the most affordable accommodation option you will find in Bucharest and also one of the best ways to meet new people. You can quickly build your social network and make new friends by living exactly where so many other students choose to live.

The university offers  accommodation all around Bucharest – near the city’s northern lakes and parks, as well as in central locations, right in the heart of Bucharest. All student residences come with specially designed sports facilities and study rooms, meeting all student life needs. The 12 student residence buildings offer good standards of living at student prices. Room occupancy is 2 to 3 people, depending on the type of room, facilities and the financing of your studies, accommodation in campus will cost around 50 Euro/month.

Deadline for applying for accommodation in ASE’s Student dorms: 10.08.2020 – 03.09.2020 (02.00PM)

Redistribution of remaining places: 07.09.2020 – 09.09.2020

Particular social and medical cases grant students priority for accommodation – please see the complete methodology (Romanian) for details. Non-EU and exchange students have to address the International Relations Department.

You can also choose private accommodation. In this case you are pretty much on your own – you can try contact your peers via WhatsApp for shared options. There are also several real estate agencies in Bucharest, you can contact for support. Rents can reach 200-400 Euro/month for a one-room apartment and 300-500 Euro/month for a two-room apartment. The rent does not include utilities or other facilities like cable TV or internet access. We recommend options situated in proximity of underground metro stations.

When it comes to food, we strongly recommend the ASE student canteen– healthy food, big portions, student friendly prices.

Being a FABIZ student gives you access to a series of opportunities. Here is what you need to know:

28.09.2020 – 18.12.2020 (12w) – Winter semester – Didactic activity

21.12.2020 – 10.01.2021   (3w) – Winter holidays

11.01.2021 – 22.01.2021   (2w) – Winter semester – Didactic activity / Tests (applies for classes without exam)

25.01.2021 – 14.02.2021   (3w) – Winter semester – Examination period

15.02.2021 – 21.02.2021   (1w) – Holidays

22.02.2021 – 23.04.2021   (9w) – Summer semester – Didactic activity

26.04.2021 – 29.04.2021   (1w) – Easter Holiday

05.05.2021 – 04.06.2021   (5w) – Summer semester – Didactic activity / Tests (applies for classes without exam)

07.06.2021 – 27.06.2021   (3w) – Summer semester – Examination period

05.07.2021 – 11.07.2021.  (1w) – Re-Examination period

12.07.2021 – Summer Holidays

As a FABIZ Student you will attend two type of classes – lectures and seminars. While the lectures usually imply front desk teaching conveying critical information, history, background, theories, and equations with regard to the studies subject, the seminars have a more practical approach, involving the students in individual or group activities to deepen the knowledge gained during the lecture. You will have to attend at least weekly 12 activities each semester (usually 5 lectures and 7 seminars) including the classes for the main foreign languages and the second foreign language. Each of these last for one hour and 20 minutes and are usually scheduled during four days of the week, between 07:30 and 16:30 within the premises of the Victor Slavescu building in 2-2a Grivitei St. or the Mihail Moxa building in 5-7 M. Moxa St. The schedule will be published at the beginning of the semester and is available on the FABIZ website and on the official FABIZ app. If you want to take a peek at the subjects you will study in the next years, please check the FABIZ website or this centralised website.

During the first 4 semesters you are also compelled to take Sports classes once a week, in the Sports Building in 5 Stanislav Cihoschi St.

FABIZ Students have the chance to attend several other optional classes, like workshops of the Auditors’ Club or within the Management Consulting Module, language classes for the third language (French/German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese) or a teaching training program.

To extend the knowledge base gained during classes, we kindly recommend the ASE LIBRARY. Besides the impressive collection of Business & Economics Books, which can be found in the 12 reading rooms spread all over the campus (including one in the 3rd Floor, FABIZ building), and the statistics and financial databases you can call upon within the library (INSSE, Bloomberg), you can gain (even remote) access to millions of scientific papers and articles published in contemporary conference proceedings and scientific journals all over the world. You will get the chance to find out more about the main collections within the library tours organized at the beginning of the semester.

One of our main believes is the need of a strong connection with the business environment. We manage this by maintain a great relation with our +15 business partners. Not only will you have the chance to meet some of their executives during classes, workshops or summer schools and to visit some of their premises, you can also apply for internships with them. The latest in the 4th semester you will be compelled to perform an internship, with one of the FABIZ Partners or with a company of your choice.

Training students to be citizens of the world is our faculty’s core missions. Through our study programs in foreign languages we aim at offering a unique academic and social experience, where students learn not only scientific, economic and social issues, but also get to experience cultural richness and diversity and discover and share the experiences of foreign academics. FABIZ accounts for 6% of ASE’s students and 27% of ASE’s student mobility. FABIZ students have the chance to apply for student mobilities on 80+ places granted by the faculties 26 faculty agreements and on 500+ places granted by institutional agreements. As long as you passed all your exams, you can apply in January 2021 for a student mobility grant over Erasmus +, the whole selection procedure will be announced publicly during the winter semester.

We believe in Democracy and encourage it in the faculty’s structures. Each group shall have an elected group representative, each series will have a series representative, the students will be represented by 5 members in the Faculty Council and FABIZ has one representative in the University Senate. Please check here the contact addresses of your current reps.

Besides the compulsory sports’ classes in the first four semesters, passionate sportsmen/women, can chose to join the Faculty’s soccer team, to compete for the ASE Soccer Cup or to join the University’s sports teams in basketball, volleyball, handball, and others.

ASE has a great number (document vanesa)of student associations activating at a local, as well as national and international level. 12 organizations connect ASE’s students with colleagues from all over the world, as well as students from different ASE faculties and other local universities. Their projects cover a wide range of subjects, from stock markets to helping disadvantaged children, to environmental and sustainable activities, offering students various choices for their personal development.

The ASE Students’ Union (USASE) assists students by providing both student representation in faculty and university management boards and student leisure activities, part of student life such as the Book Club, the Culture Club, the Sports Club and many more. ASE’s Alumni organisation is one of the most prestigious in the country and continuously trying to keep former students still involved in the University community.

Never mind if we talk about intercultural socialization, events organized in collaboration with our partners, summer schools or simply life-changing parties, we love socialization and encourage a rich social life of our students. Here you will find some examples of past or recurrent events, we are open to your daring ideas.

And do not forget, FABIZ is at the core of Bucharest’s Social Life!

If you are looking for the right location for socializing, you will find in the interactive map below the places frequented by your colleagues from previous generations.

As a FABIZ-Alumni, you have all the world’s doors open. You can choose to stay with us for one of our six international Master’s programmes – some with double degree, and maybe continue with a PhD-programme, or you can embrace other opportunities worldwide.

Our master’s programmes:

Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (MEBA)

Master en Entrepreneuriat et Gestion des Affaires (MEGA)

Master in Entrepreneurship und Betriebswirtschaft (MEBW)

Master in Digital Business and Innovation (MDBI)

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA)

Master of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Energy (Energy MBA)